October 13, 2023


We recently returned from our last holiday of the year, and this week has been a gentle adjustment to my usual rhythms and rituals.

As I came back, I found that autumn has really settled here in the UK. We have full on cloudy days, grey skies and endless rain. My garden is preparing for hibernation, only the beautiful white cosmos flowers still swing gently in the wind.

I have been on a colour exploration, trying to make a colour palette to match the energy of the changing season.

I called it Warm Embrace.

Like the sweet autumn sun, gently whispering now, changing from the loud summer energy, but not yet completely gone. 

So here are the 5 colours of the fall palette:

1. Naples yellow reddish - this one is one of my all time favourite colours, and it's part of my Minimalist Art Supply List. It's a perfect soft colour to contrast the more intense tones I love to use in my paintings.

2. Gentle Sun (naples yellow + quinacridone gold) - the colour of the autumn sun. Warm, light, not too loud, not too bright. I think it goes really well with the first one, and gives the flowers a more interesting two toned look.

3. The NICE green (olive green + naples yellow) - this is just my favourite green ever. I will use it forever and ever to make leaves. It's just such a nice colour to include in any palette.

4. The WILD green (olive green + indigo) - this is my contrast colour, my wild one. I think adding indigo to any colour makes it bold, makes it a bit wild, and creates so many new tones and shades that just make the painting alive.

5. Mother Earth (neutral tint + perylene violet) - I thought a lot whether this colour is even needed, as the painting seemed quite complete without it. But it does add on some really nice details, it's the gentle whisper, the one that you don't notice but just makes everything better.

My intention in sharing this palette and the loose floral painting I made with it, is to invite you to pay attention to the present moment.

What colours do you see in nature right now? How are they changing with the seasons? We all see things differently, and some of you might notice the flowers, others the leaves, others the earth or the sky or the sun...

What are you drawn to?

What makes your heart happy?

What makes your eyes sparkle?

Pay attention, nature is always speaking to you.. And it will always bring you closer to home, to who you really are..

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