A few years ago I was at a crossroad. I had just moved to a new city, and my life was a blank paper. For a while I tried to bring my old life with me, and continue my career as an interior designer. 

But my soul was whispering: create, create, create. The whisper got louder and louder, and so I had no choice but to listen. So I started painting. At first it was a very hard process. I am a perfectionist so I struggled a lot. But then with time, the process unfolded and my soul started speaking through my work. My work is very intuitive, I sometimes paint abstract works, sometimes very detailed line art, and sometimes botanical art, depending on the state I am in.

This year I created a collection of blue botanical works, which is my expression of life’s fragility. It is fragile and strong in the same time. I don’t yet understand it, but I try my best to dig deeper and deeper and see what I find.

I hope that through this collection of blue leaves and flowers, I will also bring to you a little piece of the serenity I found while creating it.

"The creative process is a process of surrender, not control."  ~ Julia Cameron