Watercolour Artist, Mindful Painting Teacher, Creativity Mentor


I started painting when I was at a crossroad in my life. I just moved to a new country, I was shaken to my core from the move and the loneliness that followed, being away from my family and dear friends.

Art held me. It healed me. It was my best fiend. The moment I picked up my paints I was instantly filled with joy and gratitude. Making art was a lifelong dream of mine, one that was always postponed as I pursued other 'important' career choices.

But art was always whispering in my ear, gently and then louder and louder. I listened finally, and I became a full time artist in 2017. It was both the easiest and hardest thing I have ever done. It is a path that keeps unfolding, and even though I know it is my mission it always presents new challenges and new ways for me to learn and expand.

As the years passed, art held me through many more hard times, and I truly believe in the healing powers of creating.

I teach art as a mindful practice, a practice that will make you feel calm, grounded and fully present. 


Master's degree in Interior Architecture, 2011

200 hr Yoga Teacher Training at the Institute of Nirvana Yoga, Kerala, India, 2017

I have been a full time professional watercolour artist since 2017 and have been teaching art since 2023.