May 26, 2023

Today, in this Art Rituals episode, we're traveling to New Jersey USA, to meet Leena Joshi, an extremely talented abstract artist. Her artwork is a celebration of life, creativity, and beauty.  

Can you describe your process of art making? 

I primarily paint abstracts, and my process is very intuitive. It starts internally; my thoughts, emotions, and feelings all largely contribute to what I create. 

I draw inspiration from all sorts of things, situations, and experiences. I like to think of my work as an intersection between my inner and outer worlds; both inform my creations.

My work is non-representational; I bring my inner world onto the canvas. In my opinion, it’s a very honest approach to making art, one that lacks any sort of pretense. It is also a very vulnerable way to make art; you lay your soul bare in front of all to see. 

My process is about letting the two worlds, internal and external, collide successfully, resulting in something I can call my creation. 

How do you start? 

I try not to overthink when starting a painting. I follow my curiosity and joy. Whatever piques my interest, whatever makes me happy, I go and do it. It's essential to make art that is personal and shows your personality. 

Is there something you do to help you every day? 

Two things. 

First is journaling; I journal almost every day. I know it’s not directly related to making art, but it is an integral part of my creative practice. It helps me clear my head, process what is going on, and focus on my art. 

Second, I set up my studio space the day before and almost always clean up after the session so that the next time I enter the studio, it’s go-time without worrying about the prep. 

How do you get into a flow state? 

I can’t get into a flow state by thinking about it; the whole point is to let your thinking brain take a back seat and let your intuition take over. 

That happens only when my hands are at work and I enjoy my work. 


Do you have a favourite tool? (Meditation, cup of tea, playlist, moving your body)

I always take a few minutes to breathe deeply and set my intention before a session. One affirmation is, “doing the work > doing good work.” Our job as artists is to show up, let our hands work, and let the rest fall into place. The creative process is rooted in trust. I try to remind myself of this every day before a studio session.

I also have a studio playlist; I love to hear piano or guitar music while painting.

I like to keep a fragrant candle or incense burning while I work.

Our dominant emotion, whatever we are feeling, shows up in the art we make, so I need to check my state of mind while working. Little things like music and candles help calm the senses and create an environment of ease to work in.



About Leena

Leena Joshi is a self-taught painter, living in New Jersey, USA. She paints vibrant, joyful abstracts. Through expressive brushwork, vivid colors, and movement, she translates her energy and emotions into art. 

Each piece of art she offers to the world, radiates light and happiness. It is inspired by healing and always made with love. Her artwork is a celebration of life, creativity, and beauty. 

Her inspiration comes from nature and also her own thoughts about life. She loves wildflowers and rain, she collects rocks and seashells, and she loves traveling and taking in everything the new places have to offer.  All her cherished memories, collected moments, the path wandered and the beauty gathered, becomes her art.

You can find more about her here:

Website - 

Instagram -

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